Some notes from Jerusalem

Well as Bank Holiday season is well and truly in full swing in the UK, I decided to send something different this week for you to read on your return from a hopefully sun filled weekend. It’s more of an interest and update piece, and probably quicker to read in a four day working week! It will be followed shortly with a few more pieces on life here, before I have to pack my bags and think about returning home.
Please forgive a shameless plug- if what you’ve been reading / seeing ( has been having an effect, and you support the work of EAPPI in their work to end this conflict, and assist and strengthen communities at risk and Israeli and Palestinian peace groups here, please sponsor this man, who has kindly agreed to fundraise for EAPPI:

All the best and thanks as ever for the support.

A Jerusalemite:

Nasser Al-Ghawi and his extended family were illegally evicted fromtheir house in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in 2010. Thepolice and settlers arrived in the middle of the night, threw the family andtheir possessions into the road, and the settlers moved in, waving Israeliflags in the faces of the now homeless family standing outside. Last week Mr.Al-Ghawi had his appeal against this eviction heard in an Israeli court; heclaims that the eviction order was falsified to include the names of all hisfamily, not just his father. ‘The eviction order’ he said, ‘had been scribbledon, someone had written extra names on in pen.’ Sadly the court rejected his appeal and Mr. Al-Ghawi and his familyremain refugees, not allowed to enter the home they own. This is just one caseof many here in East Jerusalem. Settlers, and settlement activity are provingthe biggest obstacle to peace and the resumption of peace negotiations. You canhelp by boycotting settlement products, and companies which invest in and helpto construct settlements and their industries. Visit

For a very brief overview of settlementactivity in East Jerusalem please take a look this BBC slideshow:
This accompanied a fantastic Panorama called A Walk in the Park shown on BBC1last year. I have a copy of this and would be happy to distribute when I getback to the UK.

For all you wine lovers- this report by an Israeli NGO leaves a bittertaste: this report by an Israeli NGO leaves a bitter

Mixing water with the wine- ashort video on the problems of watershortages, access, and sanitation in the Gaza Strip:

Support women Political prisoners:
I have names and addresses of women in Israeli jails as a result of politicalopposition to the occupation. If you would like to know more about these casesand write to these women to show them support, please contact me.


About Madeleine

Currently working as a Human Rights Monitor in Israel and Palestine as part of the EAPPI- Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel ( EAPPI has its aims a just peace in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and an end to the illegal occupation of West Bank and Gaza. It works with Israeli and Palestinian human rights group, supports communities at risk of violence, monitors and reports human rights and international humanitarian law violations, and advocates for an end to the occupation, talking to politicians, religious leaders, the media, NGOs, and local communities around the world. If you'd like to use any of the photos from this blog, please do contact me.
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