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How could they all be coming for a child?

‘How could they all be coming for a child?’ Dear All, Well the part of work for EAPPI which takes place here in Israel and Palestine is now done.  I didn’t intend to writeanymore articles but a few days ago I … Continue reading

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We Call it the Crazy Land

‘We don’t call it the Holy Land anymore. We call it the Crazy Land.’ Palestinian Christian. 30.04.11 Easter. A time of chocolate eggs, spring’s showers and if we’re lucky some sunshine too. The beginning of bank holiday season, family meals, … Continue reading

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To breathe or not to breathe

To breathe or not to breathe; that is indeed the question when unlucky enough to be caught up in thick and heavy teargas. If you don’t breathe; well, there are obvious ramifications. But if you do breathe; two days ago (24.04.11) … Continue reading

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Some notes from Jerusalem

Well as Bank Holiday season is well and truly in full swing in the UK, I decided to send something different this week for you to read on your return from a hopefully sun filled weekend. It’s more of an … Continue reading

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Settling Down…

I don’t believe in any way in a two state solution, I believe in and hope for a one state solution, reachingfrom the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, and that state will be the state of Israel.’ The words of Israeli Bob … Continue reading


Other Voices- My boy is a combat soldier…

Other Voices, 10.4.11 ‘My boyis a combat soldier. The tension, the stress, the phone calls…I asked my pharmacist for Calmanervin, and it helped me relax. I’m back to functioning as I should.’ The usual way to market anti-depressants? Well, in the militarised society … Continue reading

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Education, Education, Education

A little girl came running back towards me through the metal bars of the Zaytoun Checkpoint in East Jerusalem, her school bag swaying from side to side, her glasses wonky on her nose, tears streaming down her face, as she clutched … Continue reading

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